Zaica story

Purpose and perseverance

Our success depends on many factors: team, goal setting, management, mutual assistance in professional and personal growth, the best ingredients, honesty with consumers and a fanatical approach to our favorite business.

This is our journey, from the beginning to this day.


The birth of our company

April 2000

Company history began in 2000 with a small point of sale of ice cream in one of the universities of Khabarovsk city, after a year of such work we decided to manufacture our own ice cream, because we wanted to provide the citizens of Khabarovsk, tasty and high quality product.


Launch of own production

February 2005

We launched our own production of ice cream under the Three Desires brand. The production began with only three flavors, which was the origin of the brand name.


The birth of the Zaica

June 2014

Due to the expansion of sales markets, in 2014 our team developed a new brand to attract the largest number of buyers among the youth audience. Zaica is a bright, juicy brand with a lot of color patterns. It does not have a specific color, the main thing is the shape.


Khabarovsk ice cream with bacon on the streets of Seoul

April 2016

At the end of April in Khabarovsk, during the fifth Far Eastern conference on management, logistics and foreign economic activity, we signed a long-awaited agreement on the export of Zaica ice cream to South Korea.


A delicacy from “Zaica” – ice cream cake!

November 2016

In November 2016, our company produced a new product – the “Zaica” cake, made entirely of ice cream.


New website

October 2021

Expanding our presence in the Far East and other countries, we thought about new sales channels. Specialists from the web studio Omni Lab have developed a modern, beautiful site that reflects the spirit, character and values of the Zaica.